How Do You Order Yours?

When it comes to ordering your Saturday night takeaway, where do you look to first?  Is it the of takeaway platforms?  Or would you go directly onto your favourite restaurants website and order direct? 

When we order off one of the larger platforms, you may not realise but your favourite Chinese restaurant or local chippers, is getting charged a whopping percentage on every order made.  With this charge, plus fees for holding their restaurants on these platforms, the cost adds up.

There are benefits not only to the restaurant but to yourself as a consumer by ordering direct:

  • You are saving your local takeaway large commission charges (Especially if they are working with our direct Online Ordering Platform which is commission free!) which helps their bottom line.
  • You are cutting out the middleman and going directly to the source which 99% of the time will lead to a better customer experience.
  • You are more likely to get better deals and loyalty offers when ordering direct as the restaurant will value your return custom.
  • Supporting jobs by ordering direct means delivery drivers will be employed by the restaurant direct and not outsourced from a major platform.
  • Most restaurants will offer you a percentage discount on your first order when ordering directly with them online.

It is these small changes we can all make when reaching for our phones to order our favourite take away that will help all the businesses in your local area, not only through this pandemic, but to grow and thrive as a business in general.

Food for thought?